Top Cars of 2012
Article: Top Cars of 2012 The best cars should be able to meet the needs and satisfying the wants of the people. It matters very little if it was expensive or cheap as long as it is user friendly and can last a very long time. This 2012, there are many car companies that came up… (0 comment)

Rental Cars in NY
Article: Rental Cars in NY Since the recent natural disaster due to Hurricane Sandy, it is almost impossible to be able to find a place in New York where you can rent a car. This is unfortunate timing because people are going in and out of NY for Thanksgiving and majority wants to get a hold… (0 comment)

Car Shopping Basics
Article: Car Shopping Basics Buying a vintage car may be really cool, but it is definitely not for everyone. If you are looking to buy a new car, make sure that you choose one wisely. Think about you and your family’s needs first and list down your priorities so you don’t end up buying a sports… (0 comment)

Hybrid Cars
Article: Hybrid Cars As the consequences of global warming become more serious, we need to make a transition to more sustainable and energy-efficient technology. Hybrid cars environmentally conscious vehicles that make use of rechargeable energy storage systems. They work by accumulating kinetic energy, allowing the engine to shift from using petroleum to being powered by stored… (0 comment)

Chrysler to Broaden Horizons
Article: Chrysler to Broaden Horizons Chrysler’s goal this year is to be “the best little car company in America,” reports Chrysler is eyeing beyond North America this time. According to the article, the US automaker plans to capitalize on world-car designs by producing identical vehicles that can be sold worldwide. In working to realize the… (0 comment)

Ford’s Explore Fuel Economy, Introduces EcoBoost Technology
Article: Ford’s Explore Fuel Economy, Introduces EcoBoost Technology Exorbitant oil prices in the world market today have reach untenable proportions and there’s no sign of abating. Prices might even double in the next five years. That’s the worst outlook for fuel prices. With this in mind, Ford is exploring game-changing, long-term solutions, developing affordable, near-term ways… (0 comment)

Luxury Cars
Article: Luxury Cars Luxury cars are a breed apart from other vehicles since they are manufactured with the highest quality materials and imbued with the latest technology plus more features anyone could ever need. They are usually produced in more limited numbers than commercial cars due to their difference in affordability. The interior of a luxury… (0 comment)

Car Manufacturers Respond to US Fuel Economy Standards
Article: Car Manufacturers Respond to US Fuel Economy Standards Top US car manufacturers have responded to the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards following President George W. Bush’s recent signing of the new fuel economy law that orders cars and trucks to meet a 35 miles per (US) gallon fuel economy standard by 2020. General… (0 comment)

Hard Working Brake Fluid
Article: Hard Working Brake Fluid Like many of the fluids used in cars, brake fluid is quite corrosive which makes it dangerous if ingested by people. Brake fluid has changed little in the many years since it was introduced and is actually hydraulic fluid that has been designed to change little with extreme pressure and heat… (0 comment)

Car Care 101 for Luxury Cars
Article: Car Care 101 for Luxury Cars No matter how expensive or gorgeous a car is it needs undergoing maintenance and renovation from time to time. But, not every car service and repair company is set with enough trained manpower and machinery to deal with the high end cars like Jaguar and Audi. A car owner… (0 comment)