Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Car

Article: Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Car

It is important to use the right fuel for your car to avoid engine breakdown. Review your Owner’s Manual and find out what is recommended. Stick to what is recommended unless another grade is suggested. The type of fuel that is recommended for a specific car is calculated into the way the engine is designed to perform and should not be substituted for a gasoline with a lower grade.

You can use high octane fuel in motorcycles, luxury and high performance vehicles, which usually require premium grades. High octane fuel is also used for cars with smaller engines that generate more horsepower through high compression. These engines require high octane fuel so that damages doesn’t occur, which can permanently destroy the pistons. The higher the octane content (regular is only 87), the higher the performance. Indeed, there are three “grades” of fuel for passenger cars, unleaded, super unleaded and premium unleaded.

Fill your tank completely at busy gas stations, where the fuel supply is frequently replenished. This can prevent you from getting a bad tank of gas. Using a lower grade fuel than required will most likely void any warranty on the car.


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