Chrysler to Broaden Horizons

Article: Chrysler to Broaden Horizons

Chrysler’s goal this year is to be “the best little car company in America,” reports Chrysler is eyeing beyond North America this time. According to the article, the US automaker plans to capitalize on world-car designs by producing identical vehicles that can be sold worldwide.

In working to realize the goal, I think Chrysler is in for great challenges. First, the American auto industry continues to have a hard time while U.S. car sales remain low. Second, huge investments are needed to revitalize its car designs to make it attuned to the demands of the time.

Lastly, Chrysler’s target global volume is three million cars, an ambitious figure if I may say since the company admitted it only sold 238,000 units outside North America last year. I guess Chrysler really has to step up efforts in increasing its international presence to push its plans forward.


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