Ford’s Explore Fuel Economy, Introduces EcoBoost Technology

Article: Ford’s Explore Fuel Economy, Introduces EcoBoost Technology

Exorbitant oil prices in the world market today have reach untenable proportions and there’s no sign of abating. Prices might even double in the next five years. That’s the worst outlook for fuel prices.

With this in mind, Ford is exploring game-changing, long-term solutions, developing affordable, near-term ways to improve fuel efficiency is critical as well. A number of auto companies have also followed suit.

This long-term strategy is termed as Ecoboost Engine Technology is aimed at increasing fuel efficiency for car owners by as much as 20%. It involves developing next generation direct injection technology turbocharging.

Andreas R. Schamel, Ford’s chief engineer for Research and Advanced Engineering, says, “EcoBoost will provide a real-world fuel efficiency benefits in the near term with a shorter payback time than other advanced technologies. We believe hybrids, diesels and technologies such as plug-ins and fuel cells have a role, but we believe that having the right mix of fuel-saving technologies over time is the best approach.”

In 2009, Ford will first introduce EcoBoost on the Lincoln MKS featuring a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 that will produce the power and torque of a V-8 engine with the fuel efficiency of a V-6. With an estimated 340 horsepower and more than 340 lb.-ft. of torque, the Lincoln MKS will be the most powerful and fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive luxury sedan in the market – while saving customers about $340 a year in fuel costs compared with a standard V-8 model luxury sedan.


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