Hard Working Brake Fluid

Article: Hard Working Brake Fluid

Like many of the fluids used in cars, brake fluid is quite corrosive which makes it dangerous if ingested by people. Brake fluid has changed little in the many years since it was introduced and is actually hydraulic fluid that has been designed to change little with extreme pressure and heat which turns it very hot without losing its abilities. Use regular oil and it’ll surely burn and either congeal or thin out losing its ability to compress properly to operate the pistons of the brake. It also has a lot of corrosive additives that allows it to dislodge rust and other contaminants, trapping it within the fluid to maintain proper consistency even when under pressure as the brake is applied. Want to know a sure way to ruin your car’s finish, spill brake fluid onto it and it’ll surely find the smallest holes in the protective clear coat causing paint to peel as if stripping agent was used. That is why the manual says you should wipe up any spilled fluid immediately, even washing it with shampoo and water to prevent damage to the car’s finish.

There are instances when you go to service when the service personnel would find water in the brake lines which happens naturally as contaminants enters the system say when driving through a flooded street. Water, air, dust and rust can take away the effectiveness of brake fluid making the brakes feel sluggish or even cause total failure of the system so keep your braking system in top form with regular inspection and maintenance at each and every oil change. Your life literally depends on it!

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