Top 10 American Made Cars

Article: Top 10 American Made Cars

Commenting on, Joe Ivers, executive director at J.D Power and Associates, was of the opinion vehicles made on American soil match the reliability and quality of their foreign counterparts.  Ivers believed that America’s three largest car manufacturers, Chrysler (now owned by Fiat), Ford, and General Motors, have radically improved and are now equally favorable to foreign car makers like Toyota and Honda.

What Consumers Should Consider When Buying An American Made Car

Perhaps the most important aspects to consider when buying a new car are fuel-efficiency, cost, performance, reliability, safety, interior features, and whether the car will be suitable for your own personal circumstances.

Breakdown parts is another vital issue which needs to be explored, although according to experts in the car industry, breakdown parts is not the only thing a potential buyer should consider when purchasing an American made car.  What many car consumers often overlook when deciding on their next vehicle is safety – which is undoubtedly a car’s most valuable asset.  In an analysis of American made cars, Bruce Johnson highlights a serious advantage of US assembled cars opposed to non-US made cars.  Johnson is particularly critical of Japanese made cars believing that because the Japanese buy their scrap metal from America, those vehicles imported to the States from Japan are made out of inferior metal from already wrecked cars.  Damaged metal, reshaped to build an alleged “new” vehicle are, according to Johnson, doomed from the start.  In conclusion, domestic American vehicles are often more “safe” than imported cars.

The Money Issue

The cost of a car is, of course, one of the most pressing issues to anybody who is considering purchasing a new vehicle.

The one car that experts frequently recommend in terms of reliability, efficiency, and good value is the American made Chevrolet Aveo.  The car, described in a car magazine as “cracking and cute,” can be bought for a modest $10,235 – $12,020.  Both the Aveo Sedan and the Aveo 5 hatchback combine ample space, fuel-efficient engines, front-wheel drive, and multiple optional features.

According to, another bargain American made buy is the Pontiac G3.  The Pontiac G3 has front-wheel drive, is extremely fuel-efficient, and provides ample room inside which makes it an ideal car for families.  Costing just $14,335,  the Pontiac G3 is cited as one of the best American made cars on the market.

The Chevrolet Cobalt is judged by experts of the industry to be the third best bargain when purchasing an American made car.  This car costs anywhere between $14,990 and $23,425, depending on the amount of features and extras you require.  Available in either the two-door coupe or the four-door sedan, with its 2.2 liter four cylinder engine and five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, the Chevrolet Cobalt will never disappoint the most arduous and finicky of car lovers.

Best Websites For Information About American Made Cars

For up-to-date information that pays particular attention to the current global market and the continuous changes within the American car industry, American Car Net is an invaluable source to surfers wanting information on cars.

The American Car Community, which can be found at ringside, is another popular site dedicated to providing information about the pros and cons of American made cars.  The site locates lists of various websites and provides a “community” divulging valuable information about cars, the industry, and accessories. is a powerful tool that informs web surfers about different models of American cars and gives thorough analogies of this highly competitive market. is another priceless asset of the Internet, which presents expert opinions of cars worldwide and provides comprehensive overviews about American made cars.

American Made Ford Cars

While thinking about American made cars, Ford promptly springs to mind, and being the world’s fourth largest maker of automobiles, it is hardly surprising.  Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, Ford has always prided itself on being the first manufacturers of large-scale produced vehicles.  Ford’s reliability and good reputation lives up to what it has achieved in industry.  When considering buying an American made car, Ford should definitely rank high as a contender.  According to Wikipedia, Ford was ranked seventh favorite car manufacturer in 2008.  T.C Leonard is one car specialist who is particularly in favor of cars made in the US, especially the American made Ford. According to Leonard, people thinking about buying a new car should not be put off by vehicles made in America, as GM and Ford produce “solid” and reliable vehicles.

What People Should Be Aware Of When Buying An American Made Car

For the last few decades “discerning” car buyers have often preferred to choose top Japanese or European cars to American made cars for several reasons.  Vital car components like reliability, performance, and fuel-efficiency were considered inferior in American made cars.  Today, the gap between cars made in America and those made overseas has closed considerably, and American made cars are no longer considered inferior to foreign cars.  Although regardless of their improved reputation, there are several factors potential buyers should be aware of before making a purchase of any new vehicle.  How many miles to the gallon will the car get?  Where does the car score in performance ratings?  How much will the insurance cost for the vehicle?  These are all vital questions which people should consider before they buy a car.
Always Test Drive A Car

American or non-American, perhaps the best piece of advice experts insist on is always taking a potential car for a test drive.  Taking a car that you could soon own for a practice drive is vital and will help you make up your mind whether or not the car is the right one for you.  Buying the right car for your own personal circumstances is vital, and with such a diverse and varied amount of American made cars available on the market, finding a vehicle suitable to your own needs should not be a difficult task to accomplish.


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