Article: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer and the world’s fourth largest auto producer. Pronounced “Volksvagen”, the name of the company means “people’s car”. At the moment they are producing a wide range of cars synonymous to unbeatable style and technicall finesse.

The Volkswagen Fox is a city car designed to give you exceptional quality in terms of performance and space. If you’re looking for a compact design and easy maneouverability, the Fox is the car for you.

The Volkswagen Polo is a car with an 1.8-liter, turbo-charged engine that’s perfect for people who love agile cars and sporty styles. It comes in a compact design and unbeatable safety features.

The Best Family Car of 2007 is the Volkswagen Passat, a great combination of safety, space, and class that gives an excellent driving experience to anyone. It comes with features like electronic parking brake, climatic semi-automatic air conditioning, chrome grille with dynamic lines, and 16″ alloy wheels.


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